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New Platform, Same old TheDustyFeet

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Well, Youtube and Facebook and I have parted ways for Live Streaming.  So now we are live on VIMEO…  Best part, NO ADS, and I should not have problems with the videos we use for teaching.  So always check here to see LiveStream broadcasts or follow us on VIMEO to get notifications….  Vimeo is free to set up an account, and much easier to use and watch.  Enjoy…


This is a place where we can explore the endless ways of God and His creation here in an environment of grace and love.

A place where, as we see paradigm shifts, certain belief understandings may be challenged, divine misunderstandings may exist, and traditional teachings might falter, yet our seeking will always be done in an environment of respect and accepting the “agree to disagree” resolution when needed….

Homework Series Videos

During our weekly LiveStreams we have decided to start a bi-weekly homework series and have chosen to use a series by Tim Mackie (from the Bible Project).

This is found on his Tim Mackie Archives channel:

So please take the time to listen to these prior to that weeks LiveStream so you will have a notion of what we will be chatting about. These are very challenging episodes indeed…

Homework for the week of 5/20/21

Follow the Red String

Here are the previous episodes on Vimeo…

Joyful Noise