How does “logos” affect us…

The Discovery of Logos

by Skip Moen, D. Phil.

Read above (click on the Skip link) then read below… Remember context…

I have heard this word (logos) for quite a bit of my church life, in fact it is even part of a few seminary titles. I will probably say this statement multiple times in many blogs following this but, I should have asked why Greek was more important than Hebrew? I have been on a quest for what is the real base question, take to it’s most root/basic. That is one of my base questions, Greek vs. Hebrew…

Does this really even matter? From a language versus language view, that might be for another discussion, but here I mean thought concept versus thought concept. Greek is not only a language but the culture introduced a new way of viewing life, who was in charge…

Logos takes us down a different process on how the world and mankind were to be viewed. It’s not lost that the root of logic is logos. Root (as in the base of the word/meaning ) will also be a common thread in many blogs to follow. So we enter scary territory when we want to bring logic into our relationship with the Creator and Community. Not a surprise that the statement “your ways are not my ways” is a caution to uphold. We have many times said, that does not make sense or I don’t understand why… Are we ever required to make sense or understand? It is our “logos” side that, if I can figure that out then I will be able to decide, that takes us to challenging territory. Do I believe/follow something because I understand it or because I believe it to be true? And what is the basis of that belief? Do I think that I figured out that I need to believe, or was told “this is what you believe”, OR do I believe that only God “opened my eyes” to my need for Him, and by extension a relationship with Him.

Since I now currently believe this then it will be easier for me to address, only YHVH/Yeshua (God/Jesus) can point me to themselves and each other. No logic in the world will draw you to them, it takes but a cursory glance at the current state of affairs to grasp that. So if they drew me to them (and yes, we will get to that in future blogs), then I should now be on the journey to discover who they are and how they want me to interact with them and community (by community I mean their community). I am supposed to love the whole world but I am taught how to interact (evidenced in fruit, Brad Scott has a fantastic teaching on this) with their Covenant Community. The community that belongs to the promises committed to Abraham to him and his descendants. NOT replacement theology, that is stealing another’s birthright, but the grafting into the Vine. So it really is individual vs community, not an either/or, but which is where we were designed to live and commune? And from that perspective, how does that work, what does that look like? Staring at the beginning will tell us a lot… and it probably will not include Greek individuality… YES, you have to make an individual decision to follow, but that was always meant to be in the context and support of community. A safe place to interact, commune, worship….



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