Sometimes you should probably seek…

The Big Ten

by Skip Moen, D. Phil.

Read above (click on the Skip link) then read below… Remember context…

Sometimes you should probably seek a common ground, this seems at least a place to start. In the referenced article, Skip covers what he has coined “The Big Ten”, please be sure to read the entire article because it might just not be what you are supposing…

It makes some rather, I believe, simple clear yet profound points. If we can’t find common ground in the beginning at least then we are on different paths. The sound half has some points that I know will bring discussion. They will bring to test the things taught to many of us in the past. It really has been a fascinating journey having eyes open to paradigm changes.

One of my initial decisions (that was how I viewed it) was to chose to believe that there are no conflicts in scripture, and I mean none. I wold start at the beginning (that would be Genesis) and study from that direction forward. If I reach a point where there is a perceived conflict, then I would really need to search for why I seem to see such. But here was the real paradigm shift that I needed to allow, I need to let the words/precepts/teachings from the beginning move forward, not from the rear backwards. I need to move in the direction that scripture goes, Genesis to Revelation. Might seem silly yet Moses came before Yeshua and Him before Paul. So it only goes that they will build in that direction.

Many paradigm shifts will follow, letting go of backward/forward thinking. Skip Moen (and many others like Brad Scott) are deeply committed to the Beginning as the source for even trying to understand what follows, and I have come to adopt that paradigm.

The end of Skip’s text brings up his book Guardian Angel. Teachings on this book can also be found on YouTube. I hope you can find the time to at a minimum listen some of the teachings. But like I said before, without the entire teaching/book having been listened to/read, it will be hard to discuss the topics presented. This book I believe is foundational to community, having a view of how the most basic unit in community is husband & wife was possibly meant to function. I say possible because if you don’t agree then we are coming from a different direction in the building of a community. We know, just by experience, that our current thinking is challenged at best and flawed at worst. So I am open to working on things a different way to get a different result…



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