Do Semantics matter?

This simple question will probably bring some interesting thoughts.  Does the choice of word matter?  Does the choice just strike a note with you or does it really mean something different?  Do you believe that translation will always be word for word?  Do you hope that the word shown to you actually defines the original text?  Can translation be biased to current (at the time of translation) thought/understandings of the day?

Does any of that really matter?

IF you don’t believe it matters then let me save you some time and look elsewhere for discussion.  IF you do believe it matters then the question begs to be asked, how far/deep are you willing to seek to help with these kinds of issues?

Hey, let’s be real, words meanings change at, what I will state, an alarming rate.  To make myself clear, words currently expressed often are not what they meant when I was growing up, and many seem to change year to year.  I would be willing to go out on a limb, please give me examples or information to the contrary, but they seem to be accelerating in change, to keep the message blurred.  Change the word, change the story.

Of course we, for the topic of this blog, are referring to English (probably non-Queens English).  So we can start simple, how does the word Evolution hit you?  Many different thoughts usually come up here, yet the word has simple meanings with simple origins.

OK, now let’s tackle another word Torah, often translated as Law.  So how does that word hit you?  So now we have our thoughts challenged, can we allow the challenge?

Just to thicken the soup, how about a Hebrew version of Matthew?  That will ask many questions.  Oh and please don’t say the Greek is better, this is not a Chicken/Egg discussion, we know which came first…



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