Adopted (grafted), so who are we?

The Man of Athens – The Man of Jerusalem

by Skip Moen, D. Phil.

Read above (click on the Skip link) then read below… Remember context…

So where do you come from?

Many people really do not know where they come from, not what state or city but heritage. We often use our lineage to describe our heritage. Yet we know that is not always the case. has been a great resource to help people find out, possibly, where they “came from”. So let’s ask a different question…

To whose lineage/heritage do we want to belong? If you had a choice…

I believe not only do you have a choice but for those are grafted (adopted works here) Children of Israel then you have already made that choice, now you just need to understand and embrace. As you can tell I am not on the replacement theology bandwagon, we don’t get to push Israel out of the way and say “God chose us”. As promised to Abraham, his descendants, and those that choose to follow (not those who push aside) they have a lineage/heritage. Now the question becomes who are our adopted ancestors and what are the promises given to them, and by heritage to us. Remember that ELOHIM chose us, the Father reveling the Son and the Son reveling the Father (not a surprise here). Now our choice to continue to be in The Covenant, to honor the terms (yes, we do have things to do) is to learn of our heritage and what it is to be part of that family.

You are new, part of a new family, with all of the blessings that go with it, yet we need to remember that as often as we want the blessings we are too quick to dismiss the “curses” of disobedience, but that is for another discussion. Our Father has given us His Relational Covenant to read/study/live. It is rich with lineage, heritage, stories of obedience and disobedience, stories of those who chose to follow this awesome God, and those who were cursed by Him. Our lineage/heritage starts with Adam, so go learn where it starts….



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