“In the beginning” I guess is the ultimate origin…


by Skip Moen, D. Phil.

Read above (click on the Skip link) then read below… Remember context…

OK, so “in the beginning ” I guess is the ultimate origin. Like we have discussed before, our personal origins are our own, each as individual as it is, and somewhat a product of it. Yet your past does not necessarily define who we are now. Adoption brings to mind a brilliant analogy of a moment of change, once you were “X” but now you are “Y” (with all of the rights and privileges). I am a new creature, a changed heart. Now I am tied to a different legacy (a history), and that origin would be helpful to explore.

Our main challenge now is the infamous “rose colored glasses” syndrome, viewed thorough tinted lenses. The legacy you now have has probably in some way, shape, or form been previously defined for you, I’ll argue that “X” made that definition. So did you think that just because you are now a “Y” that the “X” disappeared? That the new mind you now have is uninfluenced by the old mind? We know how that works out.

So that new mind can now allow you to “Shema” (hear and do), Shema Israel… Your new mind will now have to change what it used to think. Do you really think that anyone that followed an old way (pick a point in history) in the scriptures just went “poof” and changed? Really? How well is that working for you…

Our “new” needs to sift through the old, I am not saying all old is “bad” by any means, yet those “tinted glasses” if not removed can not let us see what needs to be cleaned. Our new legacy/lineage should help us do just that. That would entail, as in beginning, to understand who our new family is, our new community is. Back to the start will help us moving forward. It is the Ruach’s job (Holy Spirit) to help us with that, to bring prior learning to “light”, drive out the darkness, show us the dirt to clean. Can’t bring to light what you don’t know/learn/study. Really chew on that… Because we will be chatting later about how that just might happen and how that relates to Community. Yes, Community. Not shut up in some monastery, sequestered on a mountain top, or locked in a tower. Really not any support for that in scripture anyway.

It has always (from the beginning) been about God’s love for us, redemption (new beginnings), walking with God, straying from God, returning to God, learning His ways (especially those who did not start with Him), keeping His ways, loving Him in His ways, loving others in His ways (by His definition), living our lives His way. All of that is expressed in Community, evidenced in Community, the fruits bore and eaten in Community. You didn’t think the fruit you bear was not meant to be eaten? How does your fruit taste? Oh, and how does that relate to being grafted to the Vine? More thinking to be had…



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