Real People…

Role Model

by Skip Moen, D. Phil.

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So we are often bombarded with the words that we are not good enough. It is a thought that the addict searching for help often cries that they are not worthy of the help of God and others. That it is the stick (as in measuring) that defines who we are. I have been pondering this as I thought to write in relation to this Community Journey.

So I guess a few terms need to be defined (or maybe redefined, depending on what you understand). Holy – Set apart (as in for a purpose, it’s INTENDED purpose). Perfect = Integrity (as in I will walk in, being what you walk), yet this does have caveat, the integrity has a base, a foundation, and that’s Torah. The freedom of Torah, life giving Torah, submission to God Torah… Might want it mention here that be clear, God = YHVH, so as not to be confused with any other god. Jesus Christ = Yeshua HaMashiach, oh and it’s not a first and last name (remember he was Jewish, as in a Hebrew).

Our challenge is our former (yes catholic based teachings, please do some history study) have given us a view that is a bit skewed view about ourselves and about what God expects. You read how God viewed David, so how does that work for you? Do you have a problem with God calling him that? Now take, just for a thought, the two words above and apply to him. So David was both, yet does not seem very sanctimonious does it?

I’m not worthy, I can’t live up, I have sinned. All sound very self-defeating and “me focused”. So how was David viewed, this is a baited question, in relation to community? Did he fulfill his purpose by being in Community? Was what he did an example, both the bad and the good, to the Community? Viewed by the Community?

Yes, we are not all King David’s, yet we all (I make that statement only based on point that you are even reading this) want to be called a man (woman) that seeks after God’s Heart, and more. David had the exact same words we have to live by, the exact same God who provided them, the exact same opportunities to live by “not my will but Thine be done”.

My brother wrote a tweet that had me chewing for a bit, I’ll share it:

Jim Wern @JimWern 2/10/18

The gift of imperfection is one of the most unappreciated generosities of God. It is the introduction and invitation into the divine conspiracy of His love. Our desire and necessity for Christ would not exist without our fortuitous fallibility. My brokenness is my felix culpa .

I am not sure yet what my full thoughts are on this, but I do see a heart in this, that our God is found in our redemption, David understood that oh so well. That he could turn around and seek Him, express his frustrations with Him, fall on his face in front of Him. David got it.

Yet David was before Jesus. So the question that comes bubbling to the surface, IF David was that before God, and Jesus was that before God (and He walked it Holy and Perfectly), so how do we take that? Told you I would make you think…



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