So what part do you play?

Strangers in a Strange Land

by Skip Moen, D. Phil.

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Our world was created for us. An interesting question is, and will probably be for another discussion to ponder is “us” , as in all of creation. But for this discussion we will limit it to human beings, this is the place created for us in an environment than includes time as a functionary. Our existence involves time, we were created here. We were created with a part to play, our purpose with this whole creation we interact with. Yes, we are only a part, sorry to disappoint that it is not all about you.

SO if we are created for this planet in this time, why do we sometimes feel like “strangers in a strange land”. I believe it is even more magnified as you realize that you belong to YHVH, created in the image of Elohim, and that image has a purpose, to reflect the Creator. Like kind produces like kind, one of God’s universal principles. But I don’t want to get to off track for this discussion.

So I heard a quote “Life is a theater and we tailor ourselves to the parts we should be playing”. Interesting thought but like we have been exploring, is this really the statement to follow, or question to be asked? It is a very Greek thought and a very current topic.

Having dabbled in drama/acting in various times of my life, I will use that to paint a few pictures. This line of inquiry can go so many places… Who are the actors? Who is the audience? Who is the Director? And other questions go on…

I’m NOT trying to sell the point that Life is a Theater, so calm yourselves. Yet like Yeshua did, he used common analogies/parables/stories to connect. He didn’t teach them farming to then use the story of the sower, they already understood that. So let’s see where this might take us… Oh and this will probably be quite lengthy….

Let’s, for the sake of this discussion, limit ourselves to these topic points. Director, Script, Actors, Stage, we might even dabble in an Audience thought but probably brief.

So as with most plays/stories, there are many actors and many parts. Some actors play a few parts, whole some do only one. Some have many speaking parts and others are silent. (Boy, this might get a bit complicated). This will not be a neat clean analogy so be prepared…

The script can be a few things, but let’s just call it life. I now that most plays don’t call for “rewrites” (more in movies) but let’s use it here. So our “life” script can change, and are we so glad it can. However, we now introduce the Director, a role that can (we can argue the should later) be occupied by a few. Of course for our story, the hope is that we want God to be the Director. As the director, He would dictate roles, flow, scenes, and rewrite. So here is the question, if you are doing the rewrites then what role are you usurping?

The most bold will just do their own rewrites, just easier (on the surface, for the present) and then have the audacity to attribute the outcome/blame to God, say it was all his doing. “I can do this, I am empowered, I am enlightened” is the mantra. I hope you can see where this heads, the Lead Actor/Director/Producer role…

Most probably fall in the next group but just a varying levels. God, sometime in their lives, was “given” the role (raised a hand, walked an isle, spoke a prayer) and that was that. Yet was that really what happened? Many were told now to run out and tell others to make “God the Director”, yet had no rehearsal with Him in the chair. So did directorship really change? you might have had “GOD” stenciled on the chair back but who sits in the chair? Who often decides that while the play is going on that rewrites are in order and make a change. We, at times realize that our writing is not so good and hands the script back to the Director. But next thing we know, we somehow find ourselves back in the chair….

A few have seemed to find a way to let the Director be the Director, let him guide our lives and listen to his direction and guidance. The real truth is that He has always been on stage, in the wings, and let’s us do our thing. He sees all that we do (truly knows all that we do) and when we give him the chair and script back, He shows is grace by giving us a rewrite that has a beautiful ending (we have even read a part of it already).

IF you thought that I put myself in the last category then you do not know me. I am very much in the second group. I am just and trying to realize sooner that I am not where I should be and holding what I should not be holding and giving is back to Him. My role is busy enough as an actor in His story, yes you might have caught it, His story.

Script, the story… Like most stories, by the time we join there has been a lot of back story. In West Side Story (I really enjoy musicals) the Sharks and the Jets already exist, the territory already is marked, the cops, the stores. It is the introduction of Maria into the community that causes the stir and moves the plot. Our story starts as we enter the community and cause a stir to the plot. As an actor, you are expected to follow the script and Directors directions. Yet, we are not generally happy being a submissive, bond-servant role. No real glory in that role for sure. So are you ready and willing to embrace that role?

Actors, these should be self evident, “they be us”…

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