But what is taught about him…

This Is No Joke

by Skip Moen, D. Phil.

Read above (click on the Skip link) then read below… Remember context…

This was a real interesting read.

At the end you should recognize this:

Now let’s consider what Yeshua taught. “Turn back with your entire commitment in as deep a way as possible to the way that you have known,” might be better than our contemporary idea of repent. He was speaking to an audience that knew exactly what he meant. There was only one way from the past that they could return to, namely, Torah. So Yeshua is not asking his listeners to convert. He is not asking them to feel sorry for their sins. He is asking them to go back to Moses and live accordingly. That’s what “Repent” meant.

Is that what it means for you?

So last night duirng our wednesday night study, I posed a question, more of a thought really. Returning to Torah, yes, this was a thought understood by the directed/intended audience. So the question is, can you return to somewhere you have not been? This a question that will draw us into a much deeper discussion. It might even make us take pause as to who we are and what we understand.

In earlier blogs we have discussed identity, who we are, adopted/grafted, our beginning…  Let me make this clear now, I NOT saying that Teshuva is not for us, actually the contrary, understanding that concept is vital to our relationship with YHVH.  I am saying that when we start in this journey, we are not coming from a position of Teshuva, we are coming from a new position, a new mind.  There is a subtle difference between a new mind and a renewed mind.  Example:  I renew what is already mine (drivers license), but new was not mine and now it is.  First I must have a new before I have a renewed.

The Hebrew people coming out of the land of Egypt, they needed to have their minds renewed, their ancestory and lineage re-established with them, reminded that they were the decendents and heirs of the covenant made with their forefathers.  They are the renewed,  Yet with them came a “mixed multitude”, they chose to leave with the Childern of Israel and follow their God.  They are the new minds, new to this God and HIs ways.  Sadly we have an al too clear story of how those new minds quickly started to affect those renewed minds.  I wonder if they even started to grasp the concept of Teshuva (return/repent).  May our new minds not make the same mistake…




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