Short sighted or long?

Hey, this popped up as a question posed and thought I would share. It really brought to mind the thought “are we asking the right questions”? And I don’t means right as in right/wrong but more of the thought of are there more relevant/focused/adjusted thought process questions that could be asked. Here is the question and my initial response…

So, here’s a question for you…”does God have a predetermine date/time for your death?” question from (redacted).

Of course he knows when/how, but does prayer/faith alter that data…

That is a interesting question. I guess one would need to agree that there is a difference between knowing all and pre-determining all. Just because the end is known from the beginning, personally believe that we have choice. That would mean that your choices (and the results of those choices) affect your tomorrow, and really others as well. Choice is yours, end of your time is God’s. Letting it happen rather than causing it to happen is God’s call all the way.

If your asking if “asking God to live longer” would work, I might suggest that the wrong question is being asked. Maybe we should ask God, what can I do for you today? And how can my “doings” today make it better for others today and tomorrow?

We know that, for instance, Moses knew when he would die and not enter the Promised Land. He asked but his petition was not granted. Lot had a choice to leave Sodom, it’s end was predetermined, if he chose to stay then he would have died, but he chose to leave (his wife made a choice and it cost her a chance to live longer).

Asking for a longer life here is kind of short-sighted thinking, at least from an eternal perspective. Living in preparation for eternity might formulate different questions…

This is a great discussion for sure…



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