For it’s use…

What Have We Learned?

by Skip Moen, D. Phil.

Read above (click on the Skip link) then read below… Remember context…

Set apart, how does that phrase hit you? For me initially I think about things like “the good china”, or a room in the house that was only used when company came over. Now I hope I am developing a different view.

I think with the above examples, the purpose would infer a narrow focus in time and usage. So let’s expand that thought, broaden the scope. I don’t want to get into “purpose driven life”, that is for another discussion. What I wanted to focus on is, can we make the “set apart” the everyday. Our lives are, by God’s design/definition, supposed to be set apart (oh that would be holy). Not like china used selectively or a room only used once in a while, but used everyday, used to fulfill His purposes, His will being done. Can my everyday be in the “set apart”, not just on a special day or time?

Our traditional view of holy has so many connotations to it that many just give up and forgo the view. I can’t be holy by traditional (what was taught to you) thoughts. So stretch and find out if that tradition bears scrutiny, I think you will find that set apart more hits the mark (think Hebraic). Take a moment, have fun, and put “set apart” where you read “holy”, does that help in your reading? How does that affect you?

We do have a “use”, and it’s not just for special occasions but every day stuff. I am working on making my set apart the everyday choice. Try it, you might like it…



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