Not really angry?

The above link is from CNN.  I in NO WAY endorse the premise of the article, yet that is the source of the discussion in this blog.  Context, context, context…

This is the last paragraph in the article:

“The discoveries made by scientists have given humanity unprecedented power to alter lives, society, and indeed the world. When policymakers make decisions that include these weighty topics, we should all demand that those decisions are guided by experts.”

So after reading the article how did you feel?  What did you think?

We don’t have as many “other gods” as in the past, or do we?  Science seems to want to be the one to influence your decisions and guide your paths.  Help you with your life choices.  Help manage your leadership decisions.

Yes, I like science, I’m using a computer.  I am a bit of a tech geek, no surprise to many.  Yet I need to be as diligent as I can that those things do not become the focus of my decisions.  Yes, I use Alexa to turn on my lights and play some music, even add things to my shopping list.  But we need to be careful not to let science run our lives.

Trust me, when you are in the emergency room getting care, you hope the people in there are working with the most current science available.  IF you are a 2nd Amendment proponent, you trust tthe science behind your weapon does it’s job.  So please don’t say that science is evil, that science is counter-god.  Science is a tool, just like a sharp stick.  It has a function.

Let’s not let the tool drive the thought.  Here is a way-out-there thought, in the context of the inference of the article, might science as a whole be acting in the AI role?  Let the tool guide your actions?  Just to add to the fun…

Backt to earth, in the idiom of “guns do not kill people, people kill people”, it is how we use the tool and even the reverence we give the tool, that causes the problems.  I believe HaSatan is a tool, to be used as needed, for God’s purpose.  Tools in the wrong hands…

I like my computer, but I would gladly give it up for however the coming King wants to rule His kingdom on earth.  We can chat later about why we are on earth and not in heaven…



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