Our part…

Peace in Our Time
by Skip Moen, D. Phil.

Read above (click on the Skip link) then read below… Remember context…

Do you belive that you have a part?  Do you belive that part is important?

Both of those questions are interesting, how do we view a “part”?  In a previous blog we chatted about roles in a play, so many parts.  Some speaking, some not.  Some prominent, some in the background.  Both of those questions above apply to every part. In case you were not getting my hint, the answer is yes and yes, the real question is will you embrace it, belive it.

YHVH has his part, Yeshua did his part, we are not doing their parts.  It is our “fall” to even try and assume that we can do their parts.  I don’t want their parts, but I do need to embrace my part.  Like we discussed in the other blog as well, can I do it with Their direction?

I belive the analogy of the “Body” is more than a picture, and more that the sum of it’s parts.  The body is meant to do stuff, kinda of a duh?  Think your invisible, non-speaking part has no importance?  Fill in the blank with things that can incapacitate us at a moments notice that we are fully unaware of.  Not seen, not heard, but if not functioning properly (just doing it’s use), things can go down hill fast.  How does that affect the rest of the body?

As in the theme across may blogs is community and how that builds/protects/affects all of us.  If I am a kidney and don’t do my job, stones may develope.  Now my unseen unheard stuff affects the whole.  But here is where I want us to take a possibly different approach.  Instead of being (fill in the blank) at finding out the body has a stone, let’s just do our part to deal with the stone and even work to not have it come back.  We do not have to remove the kidney.  We choose to ‘bear each others burden”, work together for the function of the body as a whole.  Not hack, cut, maim to remove.

Many of the us bear the scars of such treatment.  So do we just repeat what was done to us?  That is a dark rabbit hole for sure.  Forgive and He forgives, our part played out as exampled (done) by Him.  My part is my part, your part is your part, God’s part is His part.  I don’t want to do God’s part, yet my part should ALWAYS be exampled by His part.

That’s how you follow, disciple, live…  Just our part…



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