Protect vs Prohibit

Where the Heart Lies
by Skip Moen, D. Phil.

Read above (click on the Skip link) then read below… Remember context…

It really is a fundamental life thought, maybe like a half empty/half full, both are technically true yet how you view it will probably affect your decisions (remember that no choice is still a choice).  So the choice is do you belive that God’s instructions protect or prohibit?  We have not even discussed does God change, does what He says matter?

I was thinking about how many of my paradigms have changed, things I thought true have now been subject to scrutiny and review.  I guess part of that was realizing that I now believe that God’s instructions protect (funny but this is the also the view of the Rabbi).

Practical view, seatbelt, prohibits some movement but is meant to protect.  So how do you view it?  I would be willing to wager that the thoughts you have on this will trickle over into other choices you make.  I don’t like restriction (how we might view it), so I will decide what to do.  When we are new to this “Torah” understanding we had no seatbelts prior (like driving in the car in the 60’s), we believed we were free to choose.  So how do you view God’s instructions, buckled up or not?




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