Can’t legislate morality…

Moral Wounds
by Skip Moen, D. Phil.

Read above (click on the Skip link) then read below… Remember context…

This will probably irritate a few and challenge even more.  Your morality is whom you choose to commune with.  In our discussions at the Vine Community Church, we have been delving into community.  So another layer of that are community covenants (instructions).  How we view those (restrictive, prohibitive, protective) often guides our response.

Morality is a nebulous term, yet I belive that Torah (protective) adherence, will help guide those moral choices.  You could argue that morality is a heart thing, yet a position of any kind is only revealed in the action that follows.  A statement with no action is just that, a statement.  Morality is action, and who you commune with will influence, maybe even guide, that action.

Torah is a community declaration that we choose to follow YHVH’s instructions.  Will that make our “local” (insert any city/state/federal group) community at odds with us, most emphatically yes.  But since I am not “in community” (as in where is my support, strength, guidance, and purpose) with those other groups then that really makes our choices much easier.  Yet if I still try to hang on those other communities (for the aforementioned points) then I will be in conflict.

I belive commuity chioce makes the morla choice easier.  It’s livng that while we are here that challenges and WHY we need the “aformentioned points”.



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