Best I know how…

Gasping for Control
by Skip Moen, D. Phil.

Read above (click on the Skip link) then read below… Remember context…

A question that is a running theme through many of these blogs is doing the best we can.  The caveat is doing implies knowing and so the even more base question is what do you know?  Humans have extremely little “pure instinct”, suckling is the base but even walking is not instinct.  Almost all of life is learned, very early imitated and later education options arise.  So is Martha only doing what she was taught to do, the best she knew how?  Interesting thought…

SO, this is not a matter of that is bad and this is good, but it is a thought of what might be better for you.  I always found tests that asked questions premised with “select the best answer” as a debatable discussion.  I understated the purpose is to “guide me to” the “correct” answer but that was not the question.  In who’s opinion is “best”?

Now we add Yeshua to the mix, and in this case priorities are the discussion, which is “best” FOR YOU!  Yeshua only wants what is best for you.  That does NOT mean that the “prosperity gospel reigns”, actually quite the opposite.  Those that are parents understand this all too well. Yet how do we do this?

It is postulated in the article that you need to intentionally schedule time for God.  At first I bristled at this, God is supposed to be everywhere all the time.  He is but we are not, nor do we acknowledge that He is.  At least intentionally scheduling, to start, puts us on the foot going forward.  It’s like asking for money from a stranger, why?  He does not know you.  Let’s get to the point where our Creator is really part of who we are in his community, then that request is not only not from a stranger but might even not need to be asked.

Our thoughts need to change and it will probably start with the “scheduling” and eventually it will become habit and maybe, just maybe, mimic instinct.  Then we might be able to teach the young to walk.  It starts with reviewing what I know, is that what I need?  In community we have the opportunity to get help, guidance, example (both good and bad) on things we think we know should be good for us.

So let’s sit at the feet of Yeshua and have our “habit’s” changed.




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