Truth will out…

Call Upon The Name
by Skip Moen, Ph.D.

Read above (click on the Skip link) then read below… Remember context…

There is a saying that truth will win in the end.  My personal belief is that there is only one truth, yet I will readily admit with unabashed candor that I really am just trying to understand that truth the best I know how.  YHVH (LORD/God) is the only truth. Even Yeshua (Jesus) told us this.  He only did what His father told him, and prayed that His will be done.

We often say that we know the truth, and dig our stake in deep.  I hope you do, because in the end, truth will out.  Not your truth, but THE Truth.  Only one who will dictate those terms, the one that created them, YHVH.

As we wander down our salvation journey path with our dusty feet, we are trying our best (as we know how) to stick to that narrow path.  It’s our “as we know how” that is constantly challenged.  Skip is a great example to me, someone who has the heart to challenge what he has been taught and the moxy to say when he has changed, and in this case very publicly.  Most of us quietly change and hope no one was really paying attention.

I will share that Skip’s teachings on the the Trinity ( are just the beginning of the dominoes that fell as the challenge of “what I think I know”, started to fall.  What affects one will affect another.

God’s truth will reign in the end, of that I hope there is no doubt.  Our walk, I hope, will bring us to the point of “well done good and faithful servant” rather than “go away, I never know you”.  It’s not our opinion that sways, only Grace will suffice.



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