With what we have…

The Style of Life
by Skip Moen, D. Phil.

Read above (click on the Skip link) then read below… Remember context…

Content, I am more convinced day by day that this truth is almost beyond our grasp, and least for the majority.  We can nibble at it, sometimes even take a healthy bite, but not really grasp the complexity of the plate.  It is in times of “want/need” that we are brought face to face with content.  But the real times we should be engaging that thought is when we are not in that state. Every day…

The truth is that our “content” bar just keeps sliding up.  Not just with pay-per-hour, but really everything we do.  That would be premised with the thought that it is us who is doing the raising, our thoughts are where we are vs where we think we should be.

Yup, probably beyond our grasp, yet that is only if we keep looking at it from our perspective.  Change the perspective and change the view.  He said be content, BE CONTENT.  It is not a state, a static point, but rather a life moving and walking with those glasses on, seeing that journey thru His view of who you are and where you are.

Embrace the idea that God has told you, Hey I got this!



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