A word we don’t like…

Let’s Just Compromise
by Skip Moen, D. Phil.

Read above (click on the Skip link) then read below… Remember context…

There really are quite a few words that we use every day that have different meanings in God’s understanding and ours.  Holy, righteous, forever are just a few.  But let’s ponder for a brief moment on submission.  How does that work?  Like a child learning as it grows, examples are best, so where do we find them?  Scriptural, physically…  Inside our community, outside our community…  We begin at our most basic learning my emulating, simple monkey see monkey do…

Like we have been discussing on Wednesday nights (we are live on TheDustyFeet on YouTube) at the moment we are on Community and we chose to discuss the most basic element of community, the individual.  In beginning that discussion we visited states of maturity.  An honest look at ourselves will reveal that we really are all over the map in maturity.  It’s it now a part of us so far from God and His ways.

Yet if we want to grow in understanding in community we need to challenge ourselves and struggle to grasp submission.  It is NOT what the world uses for submission.  We have multiple examples of submission, ALL of them tied to weakness and loss.  A thought leaps to mind “My ways are not your ways” (Isiah 55:8).  We tend with verses like these to have some way out “I can’t grasp what God thinks” yet a simpler approach might be “hey what I tend to think might not be what He wants me to think, or really rather do”.

Submission is at the base of this, and how we live that out.



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