Negative learning…

The Hopelessness Rules
by Skip Moen, D. Phil.

Read above (click on the Skip link) then read below… Remember context…

Remember the money see monkey do?  We really don’t have a grasp on how deep that goes, how early in our development our brokenness goes.

We have heard the phrase “practice makes perfect”, a small but important correction to that phrase might be “perfect practice makes perfect”.  Doing something 1000 times the wrong way will just ingrain in us that it must be the right way.  Having done things for so long, and our response is that it was done this way long before us, must make it right.

More than a few times in my life I have gone through something and said “well I just learned what NOT to do”.  And sadly enough more than a few times I have said “didn’t I learn not to do this”, obviously not!

Yes, the scriptures are full of examples of real people “not getting it right”, and we do need to learn from that for fear of committing the same.  Yet, we can also focus on those great examples of people who live out lives that are “positive learning”.  I have used her name more than once, but a person in my life that embodied positive learning was Harriet Todd.  A life lived in love, service, submission.  She influenced me in my late child maturity stage, I only wish it could have been more.

We need to seek in our community those of whom we can have positive learning experiences, and heaven forbid we could possibly be a positive learning experience for others.  Wait, could that be a disciple?



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