It is an interesting thought, did the audience that Jesus spoke to have any prerequisites?  Did they have to know something in order to understand.  I would put it out there that it is YES.  He spent a good amount of his speaking and teaching quoting the Torah.  I know that might surprise a few but even a cursory glance at even a Scofield will show references to such.  There are much more.

Another interesting thought is that His coming was entirely reflected and prophesied by those same OT scriptures.  So for them to validate who He was (Deut 13 test) and start to understand His application of teaching, there had to be a previous understanding. Seat of Moses teaching (Matt 23).

Torah/Tanach has always been a prerequisite for Yeshua’s teaching.  Just read the beginning of John as a hint.  All of His teachings and analogies are based on that foundation, how to apply the word/instruction.  It is 100 level understanding at a minimum to start the 101, 201, 301, 401 series of classes/lessons.  His teaching methods brought you out of the written word and into the world, to be lived in Covenant Community.  Teaching us applied knowledge, experiencing the pages.

Paul had the additional task of trying to catch up the rest/fill in the gaps of those in the diaspora and those attached to them.  By the way, we are them.  We need to take the 100 level class to start, maybe you can start at 101.  Then we can being to really learn at a higher/deeper level.  PARDES thinking for us. Oh and if you don’t understand PARDES, that is why there is a 101 beginning, to change our ways into His ways.  Applied knowledge lived out in the real world, in real community…



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