Who’s the Enemy?
by Skip Moen, D. Phil.

Read above (click on the Skip link) then read below… Remember context…

Common cause, Common agenda.  Friends often fit into this category.  Not all but I would wager most, because we don’t often hang around folks we don’t agree with.  It is often the common cause that binds us, sports, hobbies, religion.

Jesus has a common cause with His disciples, the Father.  We tend to lose focus on what Yeshua put focus on, the Father.  His focus was on His relationship with the Father (kinda gives the Trinity a heavy blow, hard having a relationship with yourself).  He spent His entire time on earth as a prophet (speaking the words of the Father with authority), as in a prophecised “prophet liken unto Moses”, let’s not forget that.

Yet, He called us friends, not because he was buddies with us, but because our friendship has at the common core a belief/faith in the Father.  I have had a few mentors and teachers in my time, very few (if any) are real friends.  Common cause usually comes from those Journeying side by side.  Jesus gave us the best example of how to communicate with the Father, rely on the Father, trust the Father.  On a daily basis and of course unto death, the ultimate trust of the resurrection.

My friendship with Him is based on that same belief, don’t forget Jesus didn’t raise himself.  It is our Covenant that helps guide our daily life, as shown by Jesus.  It is the promises of that Covenant that help motivate us.  Yet it is the friendship and example of Yeshua that gives us true hope that He is with us and intercedes for us.  You thought that you could not be a friend and have a relationship?



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