Read above (click on the Richard Rohr link) then read below… Remember context…

So what is the difference between a wanting and a calling?  Or rather what we want to be and what we am called to be?  Is it possible, could it be, that we have truly been asking the wrong question all along?

We ask our kids, friend, people what they want to be.  It is all about what we want to be of course because if I am doing what I want to do then I can be successful and serve God better.  WOW, did that sound right?

Well, I can honor God in everything I do no matter what I do.  Better?

It is probably major uncharted territory to even think about asking God what I should do.  Or does God only pick people who are in “ministry” and all others are the rest?

Can God chose you to deliver mail, do lawn-care, build homes?  Has that thought ever entered your mind?

We often think that God is mostly involved in the spiritual side of life.  That is of course until we need something more tangible.  Those “spiritual gifts” thingy’s are his major territory.

So we have a possible paradigm shift, can, or maybe even should it be both?  Does God want us to want Him to be involved with all of me.  Can it be that this is a choice that at the base is all about me?  Instead of being Me/Him could we change our thought process to US?  Maybe it should…



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