See me…

In the Spotlight
by Skip Moen, D. Phil.

Read above (click on the Skip link) then read below… Remember context…

I saw a movie, Avatar, where one of the more powerful statements in the movie was “I see you”.  Of course it had really nothing to do with actually looking at someone but the deeper meaning of I acknowledge who you are.

King David, let’s just say that he was pretty well known, not only in the history of Israel but even his influence on secular history.  David was known throughout the land. Seeing him is recorded in history.

David cries out to YHVH to “see” him, even deeper to pay attention to him.   He does not approach God with his laundry list for the day, what God can do for him.  He cries out that YHVH take time to see him, to be with him, for David to feel Him.  As an infant cries out for its parents.

It can often be no different with us, we need to cry out to God, to have him see us.

Here is a weird thought, just as sometimes that moment when we received a hug from someone or give someone a hug and that was an acknowledgment from God that the connection is there, so I wonder where even David got his hugs from?  Weird huh?



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