Not my God…

The Other Side of Redemption
by Skip Moen, D. Phil.

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Ever read a story and said “I would have done that differently” or “boy, I’m glad things are different now”.  So let’s again take a brief glance at David.  I believe that for most of us those two above thoughts enter our heads.  Yet I really wonder if…

So, here is poser of a question, could we be called the same (seeking after God’s own heart) and yet be under different rules.  By rules I guess I mean how He was expected to interact with God and the rule of consequence.  Mosaic law has protection from harm, consequence for actions, paths for redemption and reconciliation.

In sports we often want to compare legends of days past with current champions.  Yet with equipment improvements, money earned (motivation), and rule changes, can we really even compare?

So I guess I might be saying if you consider yourself or anyone else “one who seeks after God’s own heart”, maybe you can’t put David in that lot.  Does that cause a challenge?

As a King, David had access to actual copies of Torah,  As a King, he was required to physically write a copy of the Torah.  So unlike the masses, he had access to the Word.  We (us poor common folk) did not have personal access to those words until around 1500 AD.  As King, he had to use those words to make right rulings and judgments.  He himself was accountable to those words.  Oh that’s right, there were only 5 “books” then.

We now have 66 books; diaries, stories, songs, history, warnings, instructions, letters, revelation.  We get it given to us on paper, soft copies on our devices.  We are not responsible for right rulings or judgments, and have no accountability to the Word.

So can you really compare?  I’m not saying we need to compare, but the question still hangs there.  David had a God of “then” and we have a God of “now”.  Or as has been oft said, that was the God of then and we have the Jesus of now, thanks for the cross.  So we now have the improved “word”, our churches are bigger, rules have changed.

Now comes the Walking Stick question, are you really willing to hedge an eternity life on that above paragraph?  Only YHVH will determine, with Yeshua as our intercessor, of that we are sure.

Matthew chapter 7 was, for discussion sake, penned before the publication of the later half of our bibles.  So any reference to scripture would have to come from the early half.  Jewish reference to lawlessness has always been those who were counter YHVH’s instructions (Torah), so we are back to the first 5 books.

Yeshua is talking to those who are following Him, yet like so many other teachings of His, there are prophetic tones all around.  Remember he is talking about those who are either living with those who believe in the Father (also you have to believe in the Father to even get close to understanding the need to send His Son, the Messiah (Ha Masiach) or those who are professing to believe and even do great things in His name.  Look where they end up.  That should be a constant reminder to be aware, to constantly look to see where we are and that it aligns with the Father.

It really is all about the Father, even ask Yeshua.  It’s not all about Jesus.  Where does the Father introduce Himself to us, when do we first meet YHVH, in the first 5 books.

Without the sacrifice of the Son we have no chance to reconcile with the Father, never did.  Yeshua is the key to our salvation, our access to the lock that allows us into the presence of the Father for Eternity.  His payment, on so many levels, for all of time (Oh, and you knew it happened before time, tight?) is the only way to the Father.  Read “Hey Jude” to refresh on who does/did what.

Here is what I think is a really cool part, Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Isaiah, Daniel, Matthew, John, Paul, Me, what do we all have in common?  A Father who loves us, a Father who was willing to let Yeshua, His Son, pay the price for us to spend eternity with Him, redeem us as His bride (bride is not a NT concept), and rule us as King.

So I have a feeling that we will be accountable to him, and I mean by in a covenant (akin to marriage), we need to let Him set how we are to relate and obey him.  There were those doing things in His name, so is gotta be more than that…





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