Two out of three ain’t bad…

Cultivating Justice; Thursday, June 14, 2018

Read above (click on the Richard Rohr link) then read below… Remember context…

Richard Rohr has some very interesting and thought provoking teachings.  In this particular posting, I can see where he wants to go with this, yet I can jump on board with two of the three (yeah, try and get that Meatloaf song out of your head).

Justice, this has NEVER been our part, ever.  That role belongs to God and Him alone.  How can we dispense justice (or even what is fair) without knowing the plan?  In a play book, you have a planed beginning and end (if it’s sports you hope that a “W” is in your column) but since we don’t have the book we have an inherent problem.

I personally believe in a God who does not change, His character or His actions.  I personally don’t espouse two types of God/Jesus, one with war on His mind and the other  with flowers in His ear.  Same God from Genesis to Revelation, regardless of the order of your books (said tongue in cheek).  Jesus only reflected and did what the Father told him to do, day to day.  We for some reason align with war with injustice.  So the how does that balance with my God?  One God…

Or do we really have a problem with His Justice?  How does that work out?

I want us just to always keep in mind that just because we have a cultural swing one way or another, or a period in history uglier than others, or that we may have mis-represented God oh too often, that that will change who He is.

I do believe Jesus’s big second visit, or shall we say rather return to set up house, will be a violence filled event.  Book is kinda clear on that.  So can we say that we can let justice be His part, spend our lives living a life, as best a possible, not to invite the long arm of Justice, and embrace all He is.  Oh and toss Community in there.

If you thought Love and Justice were not related, might want to review that paradigm…



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