Agenda of Response…

When we teach/share do we have an Agenda of Response?  What I mean by that is, do we judge the “effectiveness” of the message by the response?  Do we determine the value, or lack there of, by the anticipated response?

We often teach/share and we expect some type of response, yet the people being the recipient of that word are not you.  Assuming a response can be a dangerous thing.  It can lead you to alter/push until you get an intended response.  I am not talking about military training, that is the purpose of that kind of teaching.  I am talking about when we share about ourselves or teach on a particular topic.  Is the intent the response we see or the “where they are at” moment taken into consideration?  If we are speaking to those out of love and care of where they are actually at, then their response will most likely not be what we anticipated.

We often talk to people, I’ll even give you with much conviction and vigor, and expect them to respond a certain way.  Almost like smacking their forehead and saying “hey I could’ve had a V8” moment.  What your are saying must be true.  Our expectations that they will respond in kind.

Now let’s take a small step back, if we belive our words are from God (by quote or inspiration) then we have done our part, the agenda of response is God’s part.  It is up to Him to convict, soften hearts, open ears and eyes.  NO, logic is not the universal tool, it will not fix all.

Can you leave your word spoken, act expressed, thought shared, and just walk away?  Leave it in God’s hands to handle, do you think He can?  Does He need your help?

Do you expect a response?  Oh, here is a thought, could that be reaping?  Can you sow and not reap, especially in our fast-food, entitlement based, individuality focused life?  We are not even prepared to handle that thought, we get it because we started it.

Reaping is often taught, scripturally, with much care and caution.  I’ll leave the reaping decisions and timing to Him.  I’ll just stick to my part…



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