And you thought it was all up to you…

It’s Not Up to Me
by Skip Moen, D. Phil.

Read above (click on the Skip link) then read below… Remember context…

You thought you had to live up to God’s expections and your life hung in the balance.  You had to hang on to Him, if you didn’t feel it then you had not held on.  But God is safe, he is my fortress, where I can always find protection.

God does what he does because He chooses to, for His namesake and His love.  You can’t do ANYTHING to warrant that.  However let’s be clear, warrant here means that you had to do something to get it, I did NOT say that you could leave it.  And live with those challenges.

He loves us, we still I don’t think truly grasp, that his love is equal for everyone, and His Son’s price paid was for everyone.  Love all inclusive and payment all covering.  So why are we all not part of the same family?  Could it be that to be in Covenant to receive all of the blessings of those acts that we have something to do.  If it says that in the end “every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Yeshua is Lord”, so everyone will admit it and everyone was loved and paid for, so what is the problem?

Was that confusing?  Did the choice of verses not work?

Or maybe there is a Covenant, there are those that choose to follow His instructions, those who seek His direction and guidance, and He can choose to bless them for His namesake.  To bring honor and glory to Him, that is all that Jesus ever did, it was never all about Jesus, it was all about the Father (doing His work, there is that challenging word again).  He chose us for His namesake and His alone.  He chose to reveal the Son to us, and the Father reveals the Son, given him dominion for the Fathers namesake.

Yes, it is up to you to choose to follow Him (David understood teshuvah all too well), but it wil not be to glorify you, to bring you praise, honor, and glory, but to bring those to His namesake.  Time is not an issue (as in length of, just ask the thief on the cross), but one chose and one did not.  Love, sacrifice, payment went to both sides (for His namesake) but the choice is still yours, “Please choose life – Moses”



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