Now the Enemy Shows Up
by Skip Moen, D. Phil.

Read above (click on the Skip link) then read below… Remember context…

How do we view God’s interaction with us, are we in a mode of I do this and then He does that?  Or if I do it this way then He will need to respond?

We are the common element in all of our problems, ALL of them.  That simply means that we are the only thing common between the relationship between any of our problems, home, work, school, life.

Yet God knows us, and if we have chosen to follow Him, then we are His to use.  Notice I didn’t say that now we have access to God to get what we need/want/desire.  We are here to do His bidding, and that will bring us to the best places for Him to use us.

So, now how do I interact with a God who wants the best for me, for His purposes?  How do I get out of the way and let Him guide.  The “net’ we often get caught in is of our own demise, swimming where we ought not to have swam.  Now we need extradition, but how?  Can you live in a state of expectation, that he will extradite you?  God will rescue?

Ah, but there is a problem, consequence.  We can be cut free but still bear the scars of the entrapment, the repercussions of our choice.  I believe many of us were taught a long time ago that when God rescued us we were free from all of that, no consequences.  I think we were sold a wrong bill of goods.

We are delivered from the consequences of sin from the penalty of second death, YES, 100%, that is the price Yeshua (Jesus) paid.  Yet our everyday choices do have ramifications, and He also promised us to go through them with us.  If you don’t believe that then please ignore David.  That is the world he lived in and how he lived and interacted with God.  If you think Jesus changes all of that then David is not the place to seek solace and encouragement, his life is based on a different understanding.

The paradigm question is, maybe our understanding should change…




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