When the picture doesn’t match…

Mary Mallon
by Skip Moen, D. Phil.

Read above (click on the Skip link) then read below… Remember context…

It must be something wrong they are doing or faith not strong enough, that is why the “picture looks that way”  (fill in the quotes)

”They” are in a trial, they are being tested.  How about “stuff happens”.  As mentioned before, the mess the world is in is not a result of a God not loving or caring, quite the opposite.  He gave us a choice, after creating us, building our home, populating it with what we need, to follow His ways to have it work optimally or do it our way.

Well sometimes someone’s “my way” interacted with your “your way”.  It’s a long term consequence thing and not a tactical decision for you to suffer.  We need to really discerne and be aware of the difference.  How aware are we?

Folks ask for prayer for healing, from choices they made so many years ago that put them in that predicament.  Rescue me from myself, oh and erase all of my prior choice consequences.  To be rescued from choices made many years ago and now they are in a “spot of bother”.  God promises to walk with us as we Journey with Him, but that path is narrow by choice became He has a way to go.

So when you see someone, you have no idea if it is a choice or result circumstance you are seeing, yet alone how it came to be.  What we should probably be more keen to do is share where we have experienced a similar issue and are standing there today with you.

Let’s be less concerned with the “how they got there” and more on how can we partner up and go God’s way going forward.  Because if you are with me, that is the direction I am heading, so you can still continue to do your choice but I might not be there with you.



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