Dressed up…

Elements of Exegesis
by Skip Moen, D. Phil.

Read above (click on the Skip link) then read below… Remember context…

I found it an interesting turn of phrase, “So Truth dresses up for us”.

It brought this image to my mind, there are many things that have no “look”  no form or frame.  Truth, Love, Hope… Yet we are the ones who give them form, shape, color.

Now here is the brain teaser, you are told to go find something and you think you know what it looks like, and when you return only to find out that was not what you were supposed to find.  Ok, I have a few choices 1)  I can convince everyone that what I have is what was asked for and when enough believe me then it will be true, 2) I can argue that this is just as good as what was asked for, 3)  I can “too bad” you get what you got, or 4) I can ask for guidance to help me learn the new (as in not the way I understood it) “look” of the thing I am looking for and search for it again.  I then can learn not only the original intent of the requestor but also how to do it again, but also maybe a better understanding than what I had before.

Kinda sounds like a God Journey, and then those at the end that will try to say, “this is what you get” now pay me…




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