Ask and ye shall receive… But be very careful…

Definitively Mistaken
by Skip Moen, D. Phil.

Read above (click on the Skip link) then read below… Remember context…

OK, so make sure you have read the above link, now are you really ready to do that? We often use this to validate getting things, that God is obligated to give us stuff. But what if asking for anything from God gave us the “whole enchilada”?

Testing first before getting. Maybe you should reconsider? And another underlying question is did your getting happen because you got or He gave?

I am listening to Rabbi David Fohrman, and in a talk he gave he used the words “this topic is prickly to most of us”, maybe that means uncomfortable to hold. I really enjoyed that analogy, so much of the stuff we chat about one could say is quite prickly…




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